Benefits of Taking Care of Trees and Plants for your Brain

Together with one of our funders, Clyde Tree Surgeons – a tree Surgeon from Glasgow, we have put together this small selection of reasons why it is good to garden and take care of your trees personally. Let’s start with that sunlight and exercise helps release endorphins. And if we start with this argument, then logic can lead us to consider the dozens of benefits that an activity such as gardening can have.

Although almost all trades that involve the direct use of the hands can have mindfulness effects, it is proven that gardening and arborist is one of the most. For millennia this profession, highly aesthetic, but also considered as a value that promotes well-being in life, has been present in practically all cultures in the world.

It is no coincidence, its benefits are palpable just a few seconds after starting to practice it and there are currently comprehensive health therapies based on its benefits, such as ‘horticultural therapy’, implemented in hospitals around the world for both the mental or physical health of patients.

Benefits of taking care of your garden and your trees

We list some of the beneficial effects for your psyche as a result of doing this ancient activity, gardening:

Helps eliminate daily stress: Endorphins´ Generation (the hormone of pleasure and well-being), serotonin (the hormone of happiness), and dopamine (the hormone of reward), simply make you forget the problems. Gardening encourages your mind to do a kind of ‘prescription’, so it is very positive because, this way, you can approach the problems from a much fresher perspective.

Reduces stress and anxiety: Another of the effects of gardening is the decrease in cortisol – the terrible stress hormone – perhaps one of the bitterest enemies of our time.

It is antidepressant: Horticultural therapies are becoming more popular. Depression is a disease that can take away our will, and in this sense, doing gardening periodically not only generates a feeling of immediate well-being, but also makes us see results, that we marvel at nature, and this is a great incentive to go recovering the taste for life, and what better than from the most basic of life itself: the earth. This activity is proven to increase optimism, strength, and enthusiasm for life.

Improves brain health: Gardening is often used as therapy for people suffering from dementia since the benefits are so great. Besides, as it promotes better rest, gardening is very good for a healthy brain and neuronal regeneration.

It promotes mindfulness: As you know, mindfulness is one of the most optimal states for the human being. In these moments, the mind is completely focused and stops making judgments, worries, etc. Also, mindfulness promotes other faculties such as learning and better memory, curiously.

Prevents Alzheimer’s: Science has proven that adults who are between 60 and 70 years old and who practice gardening regularly have between 30% and 45% less risk of suffering from dementia in their later years.

It is an active meditation method: In this way, it promotes many of the benefits of meditation such as a better immune system, greater happiness, and better concentration.