Local Business Support

Hi I’m delighted to announce that we have secured the support of the local Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. (See Link) We are going to be able to present to a gathering of local businesses of the Chamber of Commerce and we will be offering the opportunity of free or reduced price advertising with the University Press in exchange for donations towards our project.

We will also be enabling the  business to have free access to learning resources regarding management systems that the department has published in recent years.

Looking forward to the night. Hopefully it will be a great success.

Our design processes for the tests are now well under way and we have the majority of the test rigs and procedures ready for building.

#1 Assured Domains research confirmation will be online within a year with domains ready for confirmation.

Term 1 Assured Domain Funding and Design

All design was carried out by the Study Group allocated at the start of term. Within 3 weeks each of the domains has test structures in place to study the effects of diminished learning ability whilst under the influence of three administered substances. (The substances used can not be published until after the end of the project due to security issues relating to where the substances are kept on university and external laboratory premises)

Funding has been estimated at £5000 including test equipment, inebriation substances and £5 per test subject per test for test subjects found through advertising.

Funding has been sought from three sources.

Source 1 : Institutional Grant Funding

Source 2 : Local Business Advertising

Source 3 : Friends and Family Donations

These sources will be approached in sequential order with the aim to exhaust one source of funding opportunity prior to proceeding to look at the next.

Source 1: Institutional Grant Funding is available from 23 UK bodies. 7 of these state that they would consider funding studies into this area of research. A single research summary was written and submitted to each with a separate covering letter.

Source 2: Local business can be approached both through know supporters of the University through its alumni contacts but also through placing a small budget aside for local marketing in newspapers .

Source 3: Hopefully friends and family will not have to be approached as is it expected that sufficient funding should be available through the above two methods.

Local business has had a longstanding relationship with the University and fortuitously one of the research team has been involved in marketing with the University alumni magazine and has already cleared consent to consider running advertising for local business at reduced rates in response to local business donations for the study group.

We would like to thank the “Dream Team” at publishing for their time and encouragement.